A Handful of Friends

by The Big Easy

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Released June 2014

    Debut EP from The Big Easy. Featuring 'The New Life' & 'Hudson River'

    Track Listing:
    1.Idle Hands Do The Devil's Work (The Devil's Birthday)
    2.The Cigarette
    3.The New Life
    4.Trust In Friends
    5.Such A Headache
    7.Hudson River

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The Big Easy is Stephen Berthomieux, with the immeasurable amount of help from Jesse Minikes, TJ Alaimo, Zak Ali, and the rest of you.

Thanks to all my friends, family, and fans. We're all in this together. And a very special shout out to Tom Warren (and The Front Bottoms!), couldn't have started this without you. Women let you down, drugs let you down, ROCK AND ROLL doesn't! Cheers!


released June 1, 2014

Produced by: Stephen Berthomieux
Mixed and mastered by: Christian Deutsh
Art Direction by: Joshie Fishbein
Recorded in basements, attics, and bedrooms by: Christian Deutsch, Zak Ali, and Stephen Berthomieux

All songs by: Stephen Berthomieux



all rights reserved


The Big Easy New York

When some dude decides to yell over a guitar and calls it rock and roll.

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Track Name: Idle Hands Do the Devil's Work (The Devil's Birthday)
I put my life in the Devil's hands, then he told me I should choose another plan/ Every time I think I made a fan, she walks back out and waits for the other band/ Every time I think found the girl whose gonna change my life, I give it another whirl/ Only to find out that I'm not the man that shes been asking for as my love is damned/ I put my life in the Devil's hands tonight/ I turned to my Dad, he knows I'm a stoner and/ this pistol in my hand, I'm gonna load it up, put it to my mouth then BLAM!/ Yet here I am, guitar in hand and I stand before you as if I am a brand new man/ She told me I should take it off, but it wasn't like this was part of my own plan/ But I won't demand another plan/ I kept my eye on the hour hand/ It struck 12 as the party began/ To celebrate his birthday and/ It wasn't part of my own plan tonight/ I put my life in the Devil's hands tonight
Track Name: The Cigarette
So last night wasn't half bad when everybody left, I think I'll do the math/ One and one seems to add up to you and me/ I've been working for so long but when it comes to you, you can can do no wrong/ Overnights never seem to end my way/ Now all that's left between us is the cigarette hanging from your lips/ When you look at me like that, what the hell could I do?/ And the Moon goes around our Sun/ it goes in phases just like our love/ And we are made of the same old stuff and that's why I think that I like you/ But you never really knew my name/ And I wanna believe that there's beauty in everything so when you look at me you don't squint your eyes/ How the hell could I ever tell a lie?/ Unfinished business is my middle name/ I know it's pretty lame/ But if you knew my name/ I don't think a single thing would ever change/ Tom, let me tell you about this girl, man/ I swear to God, she was so bad/ She sees that I like that/ But I'm never gonna make it man/ I'll never see her again
Track Name: The New Life
It's almost like a movie I've seen before/ They to kill me, oh wait there's more/ And then they ask you what you like more?/ I swallow spit then I pray some more/ But I'm never lonely with my friends, we booze/ She said she knows her God, I know him too/ And sure they ask me if I believe/ But they never trust me/ Cause they're all older/ They put the weight on my shoulders/ I never keep my guns holstered/ Cause when they come, I'm over/ I never know when I'm sober/ I don't know what to do/ I don't want to tell you how you should live your life/ But I don't think you need this, I don't think I do too/ Are you really lonely? Or are you just as sure as when you told me that I should see you more?/ And I don't wanna tell you how you should live your life but it's easy, then whats a stand- up guy?/ And then you sleep on my shoulders but I don't think I could ever hold her/ Cause with age comes getting colder but tonight who sleep on whose shoulders?/ Is it me or you?/ But I never said that I would quit and I know it's not that easy to go through with this/ And I tell myself that I'll be fine, then I saw you having drinks last night, I lost my mind/ Then I see you with your new boyfriend and he told me I should and just be more like him (yeah right!)/ And sometimes I think that you were right cause I know I'll never change and I'm just a waste of time
Track Name: Trust in Friends
I never really thought that I could take it this far/ To keep it honest, I just wanted to see what you'd do/ I know it's funny cause I've the one whose lost somehow/ It's just a game, you gotta know the cheat codes first/ I put my trust in friends, they keep me straight/ So here I am on the corner of 1st and Washington Ave./ Hoboken's cool but I don't think my time here will last/ I wanna get home before my night kicks my own ass/ And your apartment will do, just be sure to kick me out/ I wanna find out if all I've done was in the right/ I put my trust in friends, they keep my straight/ Enough to keep my feet on stage/ I guess that depends on decisions that I've made when my head was spinning/ But I'm never really sure till I know it's right
Track Name: Such a Headache
She's like me, at least I want her to be/ I wanna be like you and I want you to see/ So let me tell you then let me tell you again/ What makes you think that I am not like them?/ But it's easy, and it's easy to see that you're like me/ You're just as lonely as me/ And these girls seem to have a knack to tell me that they have a guy, and I never ask/ I don't think that anything ever changes in this town/ Now you're cornered, now you're cornered again/ You never look to see the little things/ School is such a vague and lonely place/ You know that too, you've figured it out/ But now it seems like all I do is weed and booze and sometimes you/ It never changes, it never changes again/ I'll never change you, I wondered again/ I don't think that anything ever changes in this town/ Everything happens for a reason and you don't even care/ I don't think that everything ever changes in my life/ Everything happens for a reason and they tell that/ Soon one day you'll look and see the world is just like you
Track Name: Mars
I never meant to make a scene/ But if you knew about me, you know I keep my hands clean/ And up until now I was green/ This guy I see from time to time/ He told he hopes he wakes up to find himself a real job/ And now I keep myself calm/ But that was around the time when I asked you if you believed in love/ You said, "Sure, you're in luck/ cause if it's gonna go up then it's bound to come down/ And when it comes back down you know I'll be around"/ I know my friends won't lie/ They always tell me the truth/ Now every time I think about it, I wanna get back at it/ I'll settle the score/ She said, she's all about it/ I've heard it before, I think I'll take my time when we get to your door/ You fix me, then she kissed me/ Right after I spilled beer on my jeans/ And I always try to keep' em clean/ I won't lie, I've asked about you/ And that's why I know nothing about you/ But I feel like I'm nothing without you tonight/ You found me in the back of the bar/ Then we wound up in the back of my car/ But I was fucked up so we didn't get far/ But then we got high and looked up at Mars
Track Name: Hudson River
And I can hear them talk, they ask about me as if I longer exist/ And yeah I must admit, you all mispronounce my name and I don't complain/ Cause that's the price I pay for wanting to be heard when I speak out of turn/ I guess I'll never learn what makes me/ Do you remember when we found ourselves by the Hudson and I won't pretend/ But try finding out exactly one year to the day we never talked it out/ You went and told your friends and that marks the first year that you spent with them/ You say you never cared, I guess I'll never care and it makes me/ I wanna get to know you/ I never got the time to/ I wanna get to show you/ I never got the time to